Friday, May 6, 2011

InfoPath forms in webpages

On SharePoint 2007 it is possible to display an InfoPath form as a web page Provided the form is developed in web compatibility mode
and ofcourse there are the other settings, in SharePoint Administration that need to be taken care of.
Here is a checklist that helps a lot and to design a form so that it shows up fine on a web page this link helps
The thing is I had InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2007 to work with and also I was using some controls on a form that had to be 2010 (i mean InfoPath 2010) like the people picker
So I started off with the checklist;
I did the SharePoint 2007 administration part, i.e :

  • Go to Central Administration, then  choose the Application Management tab on the top of the page. Click on Configure InfoPath Forms Services in the InfoPath Forms Services section and check both "Allow users to browser-enable form templates" and "Render form templates that are browser-enabled by users" checkboxes, then OK this page.
  • Open your SharePoint site, click on Site Actions -> Site Settings, select Site collection features under Site Collection Administration and activate InfoPath Forms Services support.
The next step is to design the form. Like I said I had InfoPath 2010, there is some difference in the way the check for compatibility for the web page is done,
Once the form is developed , you have to go to the file menu and click on the 'Design Checker'
then it checks wether the form is of to be opened in a web page.
While publishing the form, in step 3 , 'Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser' is to be checked and the last step remains the same i.e

  • At the end of the publishing wizard, select "Open this document
    library" and click on Close. This will open the document library in the
    browser. Click on Settings/Form Library Settings, then click on
    Advanced Settings and select the "Display as a Web page"
    option in the Browser-enabled Documents category. If you don't choose
    this option, the form will be opened in InfoPath if it's installed on
    the client. Otherwise, it's going to be opened in the browser.
If InfoPath is not installed, then the form opens in a browser, else, it opens using the InfoPath.

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