Thursday, October 27, 2011

Xoom apps

I just got the Motorola Xoom and its the coolest piece of technology Ivé held ... until now.
The Xoom runs Android HoneyComb 3.1, and you can watch enormous amount of videos on youtube
Its powered by Nvidia terga2 1Ghz processor, 32 GB space with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.
See the complete specs here

Ivé downloaded some apps, and here goes

Adobe reader ... all the pdfs that I need to read, essential app

Nook for android book reader

Google books is a cool app, but it did not install the free books and when I when to shop for books, (by clicking the link on the top right corner) it said its not there in your area... man! like i'm not in Antarctica!

Wyse PocketCloud RDP This is one useful app, it helps me control my PC, of course youu need the client installed on your PC.

WiFi Finder This simply finds WiFi networks near you. Really cool app

Google Sky Map is another nice app... (if you're wannabe astronomer)

Google earth is there alright, but this hangs on Xoom, so I recommend dont install this yet, I hope there will be an update coming soon.

Google maps .. I had the pre-installed.. and so was Street view

Press Reader Gets what you want .. I mean all the news papers around, it downloads them on demand, and of course, most of the news papers and magazines are paid for log term usage.

Draw Free Is nice bit does not have many brushes or marker options, you can change colors ... thats it.. not much of a freehand draw tool.

Shazam 'Which song is that'. This app is innovative and cool. One downside though... this app is not optimized for the tablet. Yet.

Quick Office Pro For your office apps

NDTV is a news app for India and it comes with a cool widget, too bad it works only vertical.

CNN for android tabletsThis is a really well built app

IMDB Essential for tablets For movie buffs

FlickFolio This is a paid app for flickr fans.

File Manager HD This is a really useful app for those of us used to seeing the windows explorer. And is optimized for HoneyComb.

And note: I recommend not using App Killers (for those of us used to taskmanage) coz' HonayComb is designed for multitasking.

Tablet Keyboard is very useful, it does need a bit of practice to type with you thumbs. There are paid keyboard out there, but this works like a charm.

And here are the games!
Gaming is just awesome on the Xoom
See this youtube video

Lets start Angry
Angry birds is the most popular and fun game around, anyone who owns (or doesn't own) an Android phone will know. On the Xoom, you can see the whole perspective , angling the shots is easier. There are many many versions of the game available.

Shortyz Crosswords This is for crossword people, it downloads new games from various sources.

Gun Bros If you wanna' see the Terga2 in action this is the game.

Deer Hunter is good looking as well, its paid though.

Fruit Ninja THD This is real fun on the Xoom

Rocket Bunnies This is the most addictive and fun game.

Tic Tac Toe Traditional....I wish there was a multiplayer option.

I bought my Xoom on FlipKart (India) it came in 3 days and they sent a Motorola case with it.
And the Box was way different and better here (in india) that in other places.
I mean
This is what I thought i'd get
this is what I got

I'll have to update the games soon,

Keep Xoomin

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