Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playlister (a windows app)

  There are many playlist makers out there; there is Playlist maker, Easy PSP  and then there is good old winamp
  I made my playlist off of winamp, comprising pink Floyd, foo fighters, oasis, and the lot (about a 1000) I wanted to transfer them to my pen drive so I could use it in my car ( I don’t use an iPod), there is no concept of a playlist in my obsolete can audio player, and at first I thought of copying each mp3 file and renaming it according to the order of the playlist … well bad idea… so I thought Ill write an app where I can select an mp3 in the order I want… well no.. so how about reading a winamp playlist, and copying the files and renaming them according to the order of the .m3u playlist (m3u is the extension of a playlist file)
And so I went about writing a windows app that reads an m3u file, reads all the files, gathers their path , copies them to another location and renames them to so they stay in the desired order (the order of the playlist)…. Whew…
   In the process I used some threading, file transfer, renaming constructs.
You can download this from here
And so this is how it looks…

After selecting the playlist, the music files are displayed in a ListBox

   After selecting the transfer path, the transfer button is visible that is based on the copy of move option, select one of these and hit transfer.

you can download the source from here.

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