Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ok Google Now

     Using the Moto X is so much fun; it’s a new way to communicate with technology (says Motorola).

And I agree.

I was skeptical about the speech recognition thing, if at all it worked, I thought it would be an added gimmick to show off when there was no noise and everyone else in the room was concentrating on the magic trick.
Well thank god it’s not that. It really works!
The first time the phone asks you to say ‘Ok Google Now’ and it recognizes your voice.
From then on, even if the phone is locked, just say ‘OK Google now’ followed by what to do…. Like call someone or ‘How’s the weather in Bangalore’….

I thought if there was a way to change ‘Ok Google Now’ to something else … like ‘Ok Mr. (mister) X’ ….it’s not possible, unless there is some kind of upgrade (maybe a firmware update)

Two of best features of this phone apart from the touchless control are the Active Display and the Motorola assist.
The Active display shows the information without activating the screen. The phone senses movement and displays just the important stuff, like the time and other notifications if available

Otherwise you would have to activate the screen or unlock the phone to do it.

And in you say ‘Ok Google Now Read notifications’ – it reads out all notifications
and it also pretty decent as it says the name before doing so
You should try sending a text message
It says ‘please’ tell the person to whom you want to send the message…

Motorola assist is a feature that tracks your movements – Yes it does track you if you are driving or sleeping or in a meeting

And just a flick of the wrist (with the phone in your hand) starts the camera app, even if the phone is locked

One thing that happened… well
I played this video on my phone


And the touchless control got activated….
and I got this

Guess my voice is similar to the one in that ad…
Overall – I’m hooked

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